Union Certification Matters

Union certification can be a complex matter. It involves the union, the company in question as well as the workers that the union wants to represent. In order for a union to be certified to represent the workers as a bargaining agent, the National Labor Relations Board or a state agency must agree that the union is suited for this job. The process can be quite tedious but with the support of an experienced Minnesota employment lawyer, you know that you will be in the best hands.

Minneapolis Union Lawyer & Attorney

Regardless of whether you are concerned about your current union’s certification status, whether you are a union member that wants more information, whether you have a problem with your union or whether you are trying to get certification, Duane Johnson can help. As an experienced Minneapolis employment lawyer with over 25 years on the job, Duane can represent you and help you with all bumps along the way in terms of paperwork, filing and more.

A union can make all the difference in the world for employees but there are several complications when you are looking into unionization. Having the votes, having the experience and having the correct documentation can all make the difference between your acceptance and your failure. Gaining the legal assistance from the start can ensure that you do it right in minimal time and with minimal speed bumps along the way.

Duane Johnson offers more than just legal assistance during this time. He has the experience and the credentials to get the job done right the first time around. You have a lot to worry about when it comes to matters of union certification and my mission is to help you simplify the process all the while understanding the legal side of things to help you along the way.

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