Reprisal and Retailiation

Retaliation occurs more often than you may think. Employers will often feel angry and resentful against an employee that has filed legal action against them but it is against the law to act of these feelings. Retaliation occurs when an employer does act on these feelings and punishes an employee for addressing a legal concern, often surrounding discrimination or harassment. If you have been discriminated against in the workplace and have taken legal action to rectify this problem, then your employer is not able to retaliate against these actions by demoting you, disciplining you, firing you, reducing your salary or treating you negatively in any way. You have the legal right to feel safe, secure and protected in your work place, even if you have filed legal action in the past.

Minneapolis Employment Attorney

Regardless of whether you have complained about something to the boss directly or whether you have contacted a Minneapolis employment attorney to made a claim to an outside source such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, if you feel that you are now faced with a negative working environment because of it, then you have the right to speak up and be heard. You don’t have to suffer in an unfair work environment where your boss treats you rudely or where you are fired or demoted because of it.

Many people think that their boss doesn’t like them. However, there is a big difference between feeling like this and being retaliated against. Some acts are obvious, such as being demoted or fired after lodging a complaint. Other instances of retaliation may not be as clear. You may feel like you are suddenly excluded from meetings or events that your boss is constantly micromanaging you or that you are being given unfair performance reviews. If you suspect that you are being retaliated against, it is important to get an outside opinion from an experienced employment attorney.

Speak to Someone Who Can Help

Duane Johnson is an experienced Minneapolis employment law attorney specializing in all aspects of employment law including retaliation and reprisal. It can be hard to go into work knowing that you are being treated unfairly because you have spoken up. This is not something that any employee should have to tolerate.

Let me examine your situation and determine if you do have a case. To help with your case, keep all records of conversations, emails, phone calls, etc. that would suggest that your employer is retaliating against you. This evidence will help you down the road to ensure that you are treated fairly and that this does not happen to others in the same situation as you down the road.

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