Negligent Hiring, Retention, and Supervision

Negligent hiring, retention and supervision in the workplace can have several serious repercussions for employees as well as employers. If you have been in the direct line of negligence in the workplace then it is important that you make note of the situation and report it. Speaking to someone who can help you understand your legal rights can help ensure that this does not happen again and that the rights of every employee are protected.

There are labor laws in place for a reason. Discrimination, pay equity and wrongful termination are three of the most common workplace related problems we see on a regular basis. While there are departments, both internally and externally, in place to handle these issues, often employees will not know who to turn to and whether or not there is something to worry about.

Minneapolis Employment and Labor Lawyer

Duane Johnson is a seasoned employment lawyer servicing all of Minnesota. With over 25 years of experience in business and employment litigation you can expect the best outcome for your case. Many people shy away from workplace conflicts and matters of negligence around the office because they are afraid what this could mean for their future employment. However, by standing up and speaking to an attorney about your concerns can mean that you are not only protecting your work conditions but that of others around you and in the future as well. Negligence in the workplace can lead to serious safety concerns, injuries and more. Furthermore, negligent retention, hiring and firing is often connected with issues of harassment, retaliation or discrimination which are all against the law.

Negligence in the Workplace

What is at stake when it comes to negligence in the workplace? Plenty:

  • Negligent firing and hiring – these cases are often caused by discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination. Firing someone simply because you get into an argument with them is not only irrational, but also illegal. Furthermore hiring someone without going through the proper protocol can also get you into a lot of trouble
  • Negligent supervision – not having adequate supervision in the workplace is often a safety issue and can lead to workplace related accidents and serious injuries. It is critical that there is always a qualified supervisor on hand, whether at a job site, in an office, out on the field or in a workshop.

If you have faced a workplace related problem due to negligence or if you have witnessed negligence in the workplace, then contact the Law Offices of Duane Johnson today. Duane Johnson offers a confidential consultation to discuss the situation and determine if legal action is required. Contact Duane today at 612-529-6041.