When you are faced with a problem in the workplace you may not know your rights. Who can you turn to when you have a question regarding the fairness in the workplace other than your boss? How do you know if you are being treated fairly or whether your concern is justified and is, in fact, against the law? Speaking to a Minneapolis employment law attorney can help you understand the legal side of things and ensure that your rights are protected on the job.

You may be surprised how often employment abuse, harassment and discrimination occur. Many people are too worried about what could happen to their job and their income to say anything. Other people may not realize that what is happening is against the law. Employment law comprises of all aspects of worker’s rights and all legal matters that occur in a workplace environment.

 A Minnesota Employment Lawyer Can Help

Duane Johnson provides legal services to individuals and companies that are faced with legal complications. Our services vary from harassment and discrimination cases to legal issues regarding the various Acts put into place to protect employees. We can help you understand your contract, negotiate a fair wage and ensure that you are getting everything you are entitled to in terms of workers compensation, healthcare benefits, retirement packages and stock options.

Many of our clients do not realize that they are being treated unfairly until they sit down with a Minneapolis employment lawyer and go over the situation. You may find out that you are actually not being paid fairly or that you are not being treated equally. You may find that your employer is breaking the law, discriminating against you or playing favorites.

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If you feel like there is a problem in the workforce but are too afraid to speak up and talk to your employer about it in case it costs you your job, then you are not alone. Let me assure you that speaking to a Minnesota employment law attorney will not result in termination or problems in the workforce – if anything, speaking to an attorney about miscellaneous matters in the workplace can help you understand your rights and ensure that you are getting everything you deserve in the workplace. This can make your work environment as pleasant and fulfilling as possible.

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