Government Data Practice Act

The Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13 was put in place to provide the public with access to government data. The law presumes that all government data is made public unless there is a state or federal law that claims the data is not public. What this means is that everyone is entitled to this data through paper, e-mail, CD Roms, photographs, websites, etc.

Violation of the Government Data Practices Act

There are several types of information that falls under the category of government data which include but are not limited to:

  • Licensing
  • Criminal justice
  • Natural resources
  • Public safety
  • Commerce banking and insurance
  • Employee relations
  • Agriculture
  • Family, welfare data
  • Human rights
  • Educational data
  • Library data
  • Computer data
  • And more

Are You Being Taken Advantage of?

If you feel like your rights have been violated and that you have been unable to access data that should be made public in your place of employment, then it is important that you seek legal guidance. Many employers will take advantage of the lack of knowledge regarding the Government Data Practices Act and try to keep data secret which should be made public. It is your right to be able to access information regarding employment law, health benefits and human rights. Do not fall for the lies of an employer – get the legal help you deserve and uncover the truth that you are entitled to know about.

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