Employment Law Mediation

Mediation involves looking at the situation from a different angle. Rather than take sides, a mediation employment attorney takes a systematic approach and looks at both sides of the situation and the best way to ensure success. Mediation is designed to help resolve any conflict as well as prevent conflicts down the road through a mutual understanding.

Mediation is a more affordable and less aggressive approach to arbitration and conflict disputes in the workplace when compared to a courtroom trial. You can avoid the time consuming meetings, the unwanted media attention and the extra costs that come with going through trial and instead focus on the matter at hand – resolving the conflict. If mediation is something that you would like to consider to handle your employment or labor issue, then contact the Law Offices of Duane Johnson today.

Employment Law Mediation

Duane Johnson is an experienced labor litigator but is also a qualified mediator for labor and employment issues.  He can help you with all employment related concerns including:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

When you choose mediation you are choosing to keep matters at a more private level out of the public eye. This can provide you with a much less stressful situation especially when dealing with concerns involving discrimination or sexual harassment. There is a sense of privacy, comfort and security around mediation and if this is something that matters to you, then mediation is a great route to take to resolve your employment conflicts and look towards a better working environment in the future.

Conflict and Dispute Labor Mediation

Working with a mediation lawyer can help you understand your rights and identify problems in the workplace. It can provide you with a friendlier way to handle any problem that is free from judgment, resentment and outside attention. Duane Johnson is happy to take help employees, employers, individuals and unions resolve any conflicts that come with labor litigation.

Contact Duane today to have a chat about your situation at 612-529-6041. All consultations are confidential.