Employment Fraud

Fraud and theft are extremely common in the workplace. Whether you have been accused of a fraud crime or whether you are concerned that you are a victim of fraud in the workplace, Duane Johnson can help. Fraud is a serious crime and can result in a felony offense in some instances. Furthermore, many fraud investigations result in unwanted media attention and scrutiny. Let Duane Johnson guide you through this confusing time so that you do not risk your reputation, your business and your future.

Fraud Accusations in the Workplace

Duane Johnson handles all instances of fraud in the workplace including:

  • Accusations or suspected unemployment fraud
  • Instances of embezzlement or bribery
  • Employee theft
  • Health care insurance fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Contract breaches
  • Computer hacking and identity fraud

While instances of fraud are often considered a white collar crime with an investigation surrounding it, having an employment lawyer on your side can help keep your legal rights protected and ensure the best outcome possible. Sometimes you may be accused of fraud or employee theft due to retaliation or discrimination. An employer may accuse you of stealing something simply because of your cultural background and because he is looking for a way to get rid of you. He may accuse you of stealing equipment from the office, of impersonating a boss to gain access to confidential documents or of taking money out of the till as a way to retaliate against you.

Accusations of fraud are taken very seriously but just because you are accused of something of this manner doesn’t mean you will automatically be found guilty. Don’t let any accusation of fraud paralyze your life – you could be looking at something much more severe and compensation due to your suffering and unjust treatment.

Minnesota Employment Fraud Lawyer & Attorney

Duane handles all accounts of fraud accusations and violations that employees and employers face. If you are concerned that your rights in the workplace have been violated, then contact Duane today at 612-529-6041.