Discharge Hearings

Discharge hearings involve instances of wrongful termination in which an employee is dismissed or discharged on unlawful grounds. This can happen for a number of different reasons and if the termination is not justified, then it could result in a lawsuit. All employees have the right to question why they have been let go and if there is not a valid reason, then it is important to speak to a Minneapolis employment attorney about your situation. You may be eligible for back pay, compensation or a return to your position depending on the case.

Minnesota Wrongful Termination and Dismissal Lawyer

Duane Johnson represents state, federal and local government employees as well as private employees that are faced with discharge and dismissal. There are many instances in which you could find yourself without a job and without a valid excuse as to why. Duane Johnson handles matters of:

  • Dismissal due to retaliation
  • Discrimination and wrongful termination cases
  • Unfair dismissals under the FW Act
  • Unnecessary redundancy dismissals

A discharge hearing allows the discharged employee to stand up for himself and to be heard. The hearing will normally take place in front of a judge and will follow specific protocol. If you are found to have been dismissed unfairly then your employee will face certain repercussions to rectify the problem.

How Discharge Hearings Work

Every discharge hearing is different depending on the unique circumstances surrounding the termination. However, some of the things that will be considered when it comes to unjust discharges include:

  • Whether there is a valid reason for the dismissal
  • Whether the employee was notified of the reason
  • Whether the employee was given any opportunity to rectify or respond to the allegations made
  • Whether the employer allowed the employee to discuss the termination
  • Whether there was warnings given to the employee for poor performance

Minnesota Labor Lawyer & Attorney

Being let go can be devastating and may leave you in a state of financial panic. However, without a valid reason for the termination, you may also be left confused and angry. It is only fair that you are given a valid reason and that you have a chance to rectify the problem and understand what to avoid in the future.

If you have faced dismissal or discharge and believe your situation may fall under wrongful termination, then contact Duane Johnson today. I offer a confidential consultation to go over your case and determine if your legal rights have been compromised by your employer. Contact Duane today at 612-529-6041.