Comparable Worth Issues

Comparable worth is a legal term identifying the importance of pay equity. Essentially, it means that employees are being paid a similar amount for similar jobs with similar knowledge, skills and abilities, regardless of their age, gender, race, etc. Comparable worth ensures that you are getting paid the right amount based on your experience, education and knowledge rather than what you look like, where you grew up, how old you are and who you know in the industry.

Pay Equity Explained

Comparable worth issues are quite common. Employers are constantly trying to get away with paying certain employees less than they are worth. This is especially the case with migrant workers as well as in roles that are often labeled as ‘female jobs.’ Comparable worth assesses the economic value of different jobs through the use of gender neutral job evaluation programming to come up with a more accurate salary based on the skills and responsibilities.

Minnesota is one of the strictest states in terms of comparable worth. In fact, Minnesota state law imposes that employers report salary requirements from all Government sectors in cities, school districts and counties across the state.  There is an entire division, known as the Minnesota Compensation Division that is dedicated to ensuring that employers are sticking to this law and that pay equity is in place.

Legal Aid with Comparable Worth Concerns

However, even with the strict laws, comparable worth issues are still common. If you find that you are not being paid fairly or that your employer is not sticking to the pay equity laws, then don’t hesitate to speak your mind. You are entitled to access Government data involving employment and salary rates and you are entitled to compare. This is your civil right.

Speak to a Minnesota Employment Attorney

Duane Johnson has been helping employees with employment related legal matters, including comparable worth issues, for over 25 years. He is an aggressive yet compassionate Minneapolis employment law attorney that can offer you a better understanding of your legal rights and ensure that you are being paid and treated fairly in the workplace. For more information regarding comparable worth issues or any other employments concerns, contact Duane Johnson today at 612-529-6041.