Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective bargaining agreements come into place in unionized workplaces. This is a type of negotiation that takes place between the employers and the group of employees. It is designed to improve working conditions and to set out different rules in place in terms of hours of employment, time off, overtime, wages, health and safety issues, etc.

Collective bargaining agreements are quite complex. If you need assistance in drafting a collective bargaining agreement or would like legal representation during this time, then contact Duane Johnson. Or, if you have just started work and have been asked to sign a collective bargaining agreement, it might help you to understand your legal rights and what you are agreeing to if you have an attorney look it over. As a Minneapolis employment law attorney, Duane can help you understand the agreement and ensure that your best interests are being protected.

Collective Agreement Bargaining and Contracts

Duane Johnson can help you with all aspects of drafting and negotiations through collective bargaining including matters concerning:

  • Wages, hours and fringe benefits
  • Health and safety
  • Non-discrimination clauses
  • Length of contract
  • Management rights
  • Discipline
  • Seniority
  • Dues collection
  • Arbitration
  • No-Strike Clause
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Security

Minnesota Employment Law Attorney

A collective bargaining agreement is supposed to ensure that the employee’s rights are protected. However, this is not always the place. Furthermore, just because the rules and regulations are written in the collective agreement doesn’t mean that they will always be followed. If you have any concerns regarding the collective bargaining agreement, then don’t hesitate to contact Duane Johnson to set up a consultation to discuss your situation. Sometimes a second opinion can make all the difference in the world. Contact the Law Office of Duane Johnson today at 612-529-6041.