Arbitration Grievances

Arbitration grievances occur when there is a dispute on an employee or a union’s allegation involving the collective bargaining (or union) agreement. In most instances the employee or union will argue that the agreement has been breached and thus legal action may be required.

Disputes such as arbitration grievances are quite common in business litigation and employment law but this doesn’t mean they are easy to handle. Every case will have different factors and different sides of the story and it is important that you are privy to your legal rights, legal boundaries and the best legal aid out there.

Minnesota Employment & Labor Law Attorney

Duane Johnson is a Minneapolis employment attorney that has helped countless employees, unions and companies handle the everyday legal battles that arise in the workplace. Breach of contract, contract negotiations and arbitration grievances are his specialty and he has more than 25 years handling cases of this matter.

The purpose of grievance arbitration is to come to an understanding and resolve any issues involving the collective or bargaining agreement. Having an attorney help you to understand your legal rights and ensure that your best interests are protected will not only help you during the negotiation stage, but also down the road in the event of any further problems and conflicts.

Arbitration Grievance Solutions

Employment law is a tricky business. However, Duane Johnson thrives on the challenge and provides you with a service that is unmatched. You will find his aggressive defense reassuring but his collective manner calming. He will ensure that your rights are protected and that you understand the legal system. Knowing what to expect, where you stand and what your rights are can further provide you with a better understanding of your business.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the conflict, choose a Minneapolis arbitration lawyer that offers compassion, aggression and dedication. Contact the Law Office of Duane Johnson today at 612-529-6041 to discuss your situation and determine the best solution.